Thursday, 14 August 2014

Stargate Forever!

Stargate SG-1: Hostilce Ground coverThe journey that started back before Christmas 2013, when I said ‘Hey, Laura, I’ve got this cool idea for a new Stargate book!’ ends today with the publication of Stargate SG-1: HostileGround.  It’s exciting to see our novel out there, but a little nerve wracking too because it has a lot to live up to.  And that got me thinking about what a tremendous privilege - and daunting responsibility - it is to write in the wonderful world of Stargate.

Meeting so many other Stargate fans at Shore Leave 36 earlier this month really brought home to me how important it is that we get it right.  Ten seasons and two movies worth of canon have created a set of characters beloved by their smart and loyal fans, characters with complex lives and histories who live in a rich and detailed world, all of which must play into the story for it to feel like Stargate.  Getting to pick up and play with those characters and that world is an enormous privilege, and Laura and I have felt the weight of that responsibility in every single word we’ve written.
Of course, our interpretation of the characters can’t possibly mirror the interpretation of every Stargate fan out there.  But we’ve done our utmost to be true to the show, true to the creative geniuses behind Stargate SG-1 – both in front of and behind the camera – and, most of all, true to the amazing fans that are keeping the fandom alive.

And, with the news that MGM will be rebooting Stargate in a trilogy of movies that will take the franchise in a new direction, our role in keeping SG-1 and Atlantis alive has become even more significant.

I really hope you enjoy Stargate SG-1: Hostile Ground.  I’d love to hear what you think of it – good or bad, all constructive feedback is valuable!  And as Laura and I settle down to write book two we’ll be doing so in the knowledge that SG-1 lives on in the hearts of fans and in the words we’re lucky enough to write.  That’s a responsibility we take very seriously.  

But, hey, this is sci-fi.  Who knows what the future will hold for our favourite show?  It isn’t the longest running sci-fi show in history for nothing. #StargateForever!



  1. It makes me so happy to read your comment and realize your dedication to the fans. I have every Stargate book ever written and I can say that the ones written by the fans are well worth reading where as those written by authors uninterested in Stargate are dreadful - S Saville for instance.

    The reboot will be interesting but I fear that it will drift far too much from the TV series. I'm not sure how that will go down amongst the fans.

    I was surprised and pleased to see my Amazon comments re Hostile Ground quoted in the Fandemonium bulletin. I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed the book and I've been telling my many fan friends to buy your book. Some of us have even decided to write our own stories just to have some Stargate to read. We exchange stories once a month, just for fun. There never seems to be enough new novels available and after last years drought of Stargate novels we've been feeling a little desperate.
    Ah well. Lets hope the novels keep coming from now on. Bye the way, when do you think your follow up novel for Hostile Ground will be available??? LOL

  2. Well it's not called Fandemonium Books for nothing! We started with fan writers and use fan writers as often as we can, because you're right that real fans of the show bring so much more to a story. It's difficult to quantify what, exactly, but I think it might just be genuine love for the characters and the world they inhabit. Whatever it is, readers can spot it a mile off!

    If I'm honest, I don't think the movies will be popular with SG-1/SGA fans, but of course they need to cast their net far wider than that to make their money back so I suspect they're not really worried about disaffecting fans of the TV show. They have to appeal far wider anyway. But we'll see what happens. I'll definitely go and watch it, so they'll get my ticket price anyway! ;)

    I'm so thrilled you enjoyed Hostile Ground so much, and really appreciate the comments you left on Amazon. Reviews on Amazon are like gold dust, so I value each and every one!

    That's great that you and your friends exchange stories - that's exactly how I got into writing, through fan fiction (and I still dabble, because I LOVE it!). We hope to be a little more regular with our production of novels now so watch this space. Our next title is a first for us - a collection of ten short stories by ten different authors (SG-1 and SGA). There are some cracking stories in there! And one by me too - Jackcentric, naturally. It'll be out in October!

    Thanks again for posting! :)


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