Thursday, 26 October 2017

Review: Hexslayer

Hexslayer Hexslayer by Jordan L. Hawk
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hexslayer was just the book I was looking for—a fun and exciting read to take the grey out of the autumn days. I love the universe Hawk has created with these books and there are a lot of hints in this book about a coming storm that I’m looking forward to reading about in future (hopefully) books.

The relationship between Nick and Jamie was prickly to start with, leavened with both sweetness and angst. I loved how Jamie’s injury was included in the book, how it informed but didn’t define his character, and how at one point it even becomes an advantage. In truth, I could have done with a tad more angst during the ‘Oh no will they break up?’ section of the book. But that’s just my taste, because I LOVE the angst—so long as there’s a happy ending, which with Hawk you know there will be. The plot was fun too, and strong enough to keep me guessing but not to overwhelm the central romance.

Overall, this is perfect escapist reading and I thoroughly recommend the whole series.

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