Saturday, 19 July 2014

Jaffa cakes and blue jello

This week I've been getting ready to go to Baltimore for Shore Leave 36 at the end of July. It's Fandemonium Books' first US convention!  I'm excited (also nervous), but really looking forward to finally meeting some of the wonderful writers I've been working with for years at Stargate Novels.  Not to mention some of our wonderful readers.

There's a lot to get done before we go, though - including delivering twenty-one boxes of books to the convention hotel.  We'll also be holding a launch party for Fandemonium's latest title - Stargate Atlantis: 'Unascended' - where we'll be serving Jaffa Cakes and blue jello.  Only true Stargate fans will understand the significance of these foods!  

Hopefully - touching wood and crossing fingers - I might also have a few pre-release copies of my new Stargate SG-1 book 'Hostile Ground' with me at Shore Leave.  If so they'll be so hot off the press they'll be smoking!  

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